Broadcast and Music Videos

So you’ve got a high resolution video file from your editor, but the TV network wants it on BetaSP. Now what?

Bring your video file (on a hard drive, data disc or jump drive) to Media Clone and we’ll create a BetaSp broadcast master for you in a flash! We’ll make sure that everything is formated to exacting broadcast standards with NTSC Bars and Tone, slate and drop frame time code. It’s all done in our state of the art edit suite with an experienced editor- no outsourcing here!

DVD Authoring

Do you have a data DVD, Windows Media file, or Quick Time video that you would like to play in a standard DVD player? No Problem!

At Media clone, we have the expertise and tools to convert your video file into a Master DVD complete with all the bells and whistles: menu buttons, looping features, multiple language tracks and more. Best of all, we can do it all right here inhouse.

PAL and International Conversions

Do you have international media (PAL, SECAM) that you need transferred to United States format (NTSC)? Just bring in your media and our techs are here to help!

Have Questions? Call us right now and speak to a live representative at 407-645-5656 or click here to get your project started.

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