VHS Home Movies

Home movies are perhaps one of any family's most treasured possessions. Watching our children when they were babies can be great fun. The opportunity to see and hear our parents or grand parents in their youth can be an emotional experience!

Indeed, those old tapes hold many beautiful memories. However, did you know that home movie tapes can deteriorate? Over time, any magnetic media can lose signal, become brittle, tear or get jammed. It’s time to save those precious memories before it’s too late!

Why trust the corner drugstore that will simply ship your tapes somewhere for transfer? Instead, bring your family history to Media Clone. We’ve got all the right tools and experience to preserve this irreplaceable media right here in our digital labs.

We'll professionally convert your family memories from analog tape to the digital format of your choice. We can save your home movies on to a flash drive or hard drive so they're ready for editing or ready to be uploaded online to sites like YouTube or Vimeo. If you'd like, we can even transfer your home movies to DVD so they can be watched right on your television. For DVDs, we offer custom labels that are printed right on your disc as well as a variety of packaging options.

It's never been easier to preserve and share all your memories!

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